OpenLCB Hardware: DevKit

The OpenLCB / NMRAnet Developer and Early Adopter Kit, of DevKit for short, is a kit meant to be used to explore and extend the OpenLCB / NMRAnet accessory bus system.

DevKit Contents

The DevKit does not include a power supply.
It requires a 7-12VDC power supply.


DevKit Quick-Start pdf

Railstars Io Node

TCH Technology CAN/USB Adapter

D.P.Harris ButtonLED8 mini-panel

DFRobot USBSerial Adapter

Access & Versioning

The current content of this development area, including code, documents and web pages, is kept in the OpenLCB SVN repository in the “trunk/prototypes/hardware/DevKit” directory. To check it out, please do:

svn co DevKit

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